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Millions of people strive for radiant, glowing, and younger looking skin. Healthy beautiful skin is not only about applying creams to the face but about applying healthy skin habits.  Don't wait any longer and talk to our beauty professionals and let them put your best face forward. Choose from our facials below and book your appointment today! Experience benefits such as exfoliation, hydration, rejuvenation, reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Get ready to say hello to a lifetime of beautiful, youthful skin! 

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Welcome To A Lifetime of Healthier Skin

With our skincare, watch your skin glow youthfully with ingredients designed to moisturize, protect, hydrate ,rejuvenate and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Let us treat you to healthier and revitalized skin. Our experts put the face forward and give you treatments suitable for both you and your beautiful skin. Exfoliate, stimulate, rejuvenate, and glow brighter than ever before!

Free Skin Consultation 

  • 10 minutes

  • 1-on-1 Skin Consultation with Esthetician

Best-Selling Facials

Popular treatments that will keep your skin hydrated, rejuvenated, & well-balanced

  • Glow - $89

  • Pore-Deep Cleansing - $89

  • Microdermabrasion - $99

  • Hydra Facial - $129

  • Vitamin-C - $149

  • European Cold Therapy - $149

  • Dermaplaning - $75 (Add-On)

  • Vitamin-C Infusion - $75 (Add-On)

  • Enzyme Infusion - $75 (Add-On)

  • Hydra Ampules - $45 (Add-On)

  • Anti-Aging Ampules - $45 (Add-On)

  • Vitamin A & E Ampules - $45 (Add-On)

  • Stem Cells Serum Infusion - $60 (Add-On) 

Skin Care Facials

Soothing treatments designed to target your personal skin care needs

  • Acne Treatment 

  • Enzyme-Infusion Treatment (Pore-Minimizing)

  • Sun Damage/Hyperpigmentation Treatment 

  • Micro Infusion / Dermaplaning Treatment

  • Hydrating Facial w/Vitamin C (Dry/Sensitive/Rosacea Skin) 

  • Anti-Aging Facial (Wrinkles/Fine Lines) 

*prices may vary per recommendation

Event Facials
For those special occasions when you need to look your absolute best!

  • Vitamin-C Glow Facial

  • Shahnaz Gold Facial (Normal/Dry Skin) 

  • Shahnaz Diamond Facial (All Skin Type) 

  • Shahnaz Pearl Facial (Skin Lightening) 

Experience our Vedic Facials and discover the magic of Ayurveda by clicking below! 

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Your skin needs to be nourished just as you nourish your body. By choosing the right facial according to your skin type and needs, you can help protect your skin from damage caused by environmental factors and everyday stresses on the skin. Providing your skin the nutrients it needs plays an important part in keeping it healthy and radiant. With our skincare, watch your skin glow youthfully with ingredients designed to moisturize, protect, hydrate ,rejuvenate and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Regularly exfoliating and hydrating your skin through our facials can help keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant now and in the future.

Basic Facials (30 min)

Glowing Skin Facial


A specially formulated minty, refreshing facial, experience an intense deep cleansing you’ll love. With essential oils to rid your pores of debris and natural ingredients to exfoliate and soothe redness, you’ll not only see but feel the tingly clean feeling of your skin. 

Exclusive Facials (45 min - 60 min)

European Facial with Cold Therapy Treatment

A deep cleansing facial treatment that focuses on gentle cleansing and exfoliation of the face and neck. Cold therapy is added into this treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin production while calming your skin against redness and inflammation. Tighten and relax your pores with this specialty treatment that includes a massage, extractions, steaming and a cooling finish. 


The Hydrafacial is the facial for all skin types. Whether dry or oily skin is your struggle, Hydrafacial deepens hydration while delaying some aging effects on your skin. With overall radiance and health improvement of skin cells, Hydrafacials can also help correct: hyper pigmentation, acne, dull skin, wrinkles, and fine-lines!

To learn about our popular Ayurveda-inspired Vedic Facials, click below!

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